About Us


Matrix Innovation

More reliable and affordable sensors for you

Matrix Innovation Co., Ltd is a fresh and leading provider of flexible tactile technology and products. We have started and continued our journey since 2021 on flexible sensors innovation to share highly-adaptable intelligent solutions to consumers and more people around the world.


With strategically integrated solutions across sensor materials, mechanics, technologies and software, Matrix is committed to delivering a better, more intelligent practice within and beyond smart home, clinical services and Internet of Things (IoT) for users. We are dedicated to continuously offering tailored solutions for customers with reliable, ultra-sensitive and cost-effective products.


Elites with 8+ Years Experience

Matrix is teamed up by experienced professionals across multi-disciplines. Our elites assembled, after working in industry leaders for over 8 years, and rebranded the team Matrix to provide customised services to the customers to explore the possibilities of intelligent sensing. Matrix promises our clients to receive their products with high quality and low cost in record time.

Product Launch 100% Guaranteed

Clients' needs are always listened by our engineers carefully in order to provide full assistance for tailored product launch. Matrix services cover sensor design, algorithm, product mechanics, software and final product manufacturing. By housing the premium services, over 30 scenarios with Matrix FLX Series have been set to the market successfully so far.

10+ Patents Obtained per Year

Targeting innovation is considered as our best characteristic. Matrix sets the standard for flexible sensors and is committed to deliver the most technology-advanced and cost-effective products to our customers. Matrix dynamic sensing technology is promised to be reliable and accurate under ongoing development. Customers can expect more upgrades on our services/products in the future as we guarantee.

ISO9001 Certified Manufacturing

Matrix owns ISO9001 certified factory for manufacturing Matrix flexible sensors exclusively. Equipped with advanced measurement and calibration systems, Matrix in-house factory is capable of mass-producing premium customised products for our clients. We are always dedicated to securing product launch for customers with thoughtful quality management during the product development.

Corporate Honors


3rd Prize, China Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition 2020


1st Prize in Robotics, Songshanhu Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition 2020


3rd Prize, China Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition 2020